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2018 is a big year for Huron Alloys as we turn the ripe old age of 35. What’s that saying …. ‘Young enough to change and old enough to know better!’

Huron Alloys was founded by Leo McElhone in 1983, a local engineer and entrepreneur who saw a need in the marketplace for a local Alloys source and took the leap of faith needed to capitalize on it.

Now run by his kids Craig and Christine Bulsza , Huron Alloys has been infused with a breath of fresh air to move forward into the future.

“We are ready to bring this business to the next level and are making the changes necessary to get us there.” says Christine.

The introduction of a new industry-leading ERP system, a bar-coding inventory system as well as the implementation of ISO 9001:2015 are just a few of the things they have done in the past few years to modernize the business.  ” As far as we can tell, our company has never run better and our team is the best it has ever been and that matters to us.”

But there are a lot of things that they don’t dare touch, like their amazing attention to Customer Satisfaction and the Personal Attention you get when you deal with Huron Alloys.

“Customer satisfaction is always our first consideration with every decision we make. How will this affect our customers? How will this improve their experience? All questions we ask when making a decision that might affect the people who support us and count on us.”

And, you are now and always will be greeted promptly by a live person each and every time you call Huron Alloys. Because every detail matters, and an  answering service can’t get your question answered and get you off the phone as quick as possible. “Your time is important and we’ve thought about that”.

“We are so proud and thrilled to be turning 35, and you can count on us to be growing and improving for the next 35!”