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Introducing the latest addition to our line up of products and services – the most advanced Waterjet Machine on the market today:


Our Machine in a nutshell

Features an A-Jet Multi-axis cutting head which:

Can easily cut beveled edges, angled sides and countersinks.

Compensates for taper and can easily create complex 3D shapes.

Cuts angle ranges from 0° to 59°, depending on the material thickness.

Can cut up to 7-1/2” thick material

Allow positional tolerances of +/-.003 depending on the material, thickness and edge quality

But there’s even more…

Our machine comes equipped with proprietary Intelli-MAX® Software Suite that, when combined with the powerful, highly efficient EnduroMAX Pump, provides higher cutting speeds and greater precision than competitive abrasive WaterJet machines.
Our software package is capable of accessing over 90 different file types which means we can work with the programs you are comfortable with. Currently there is no file format we cannot convert.

Huron Alloys stocks both Stainless Steel and Aluminum as well as some Nickel Alloys. And if we don’t stock what you need, no worries, we’ll source it in from our extensive sourcing network.
Our OMAX table can accommodate plate or sheet up to 50” x 120”
OMAX 60120 JetMachining Center WaterJet Table

Contact us today for a quote. We’re excited to help you with your WaterJet Cutting needs.

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